Web integration - round trip and point 5?

david bovill david at openpartnership.net
Mon Sep 5 08:17:40 EDT 2005

The basic use-case I am looking at is someone browsing the project- 
managment / subversion wiki - selecting a link in the browser and a  
Rev stack opening up....


Thanks for the replies...

On 2 Sep 2005, at 19:42, Phil Davis wrote:
> I see that you're not suggesting that stacks be directly downloaded  
> within the Rev environment (as opposed to altBrowser + web page).

I agree that this is the "goal" - that is the solution for the best  
user experience - but I'm looking very hard at how to make it as easy  
as possible for the user to get there. That is given that most users  
will use there web browser daily -

     How to make it easy for them to move over to the Rev environment  
and back to the browser?

So it is an integrated part of their workflow / daily use. If the web  
site that relates to the Rev application contains html links with an  
included mime-type - then clicking on that link will open the Rev  
stack in Revolution - ready to download other stacks from the net -  
or whatever you want.

Similarly you can move back to the browser - either by using  
altBrowser embedded or by opening the web page in the default browser.

On 3 Sep 2005, at 11:03, Klaus Major wrote:
> you are still talking about using altBrowser inside Rev?

I see this as then end point - but this means giving people reason  
enough to use the embedded browser over their default browser - which  
is no easy task. Applications like Devon Think (on OSX) point the way  
- and could relatively easily be coded in Revolution.

I remember there are some kinks here - getting this working properly  
cross-platform. I remember that you used to have to:

     1)  set the mime-type in the browser
     2)  that someone wrote a stack that would set the mime-types  
     3)  what are the cross-browser-cross platform issues?
     4)  what are the cross browser issues?
     5)  what is done by the default rev / dreamcard installation  
regarding mime-types in this regard?
     6)  what does the html look like - I've forgot :)

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