Malte Brill revolution at
Sat Sep 3 14:39:15 EDT 2005

Hi Jim,

Have you considdered using two different audioclips? You could embed 
two (very small) audioclips, e.G. uncompressed wav files into your 
stack and play the correct audioclip for each button.


  File->Import as control->Audioclip

and use a script like this:

on mouseUp
   play audioclip "myClip1.wav"
end mouseUp

Hope that helps,


> Does anyone know of a workaround for changing the pitch of the
> beep since the beepPitch command is not supported on all but
> linnux platforms.  I need auditory confirmation of which one of a
> pair of buttons has been clicked and would very much like to be
> able to have each of the buttons identifiable from the sound that
> results from the click.

> Jim Wall

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