Web integration - round trip and point 5?

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sat Sep 3 05:03:31 EDT 2005

Hi David,

> Done my best to give this an exciting title :) Can anyone help  
> polish this list... it's full of half knowledge....
> So how to make the most of Rev web integration?
>     1) Use the altBrowser external to embed a browser in Rev
>     2) Store stacks on Http or https server and update them there
>     3) Cache them locally for offline storage
>     4) Check md5Hash of stacks and update cache if different
>     5) Allow users to open stacks from browser by selecting HTMl  
> link in browser page....
>     6) If minimal engine not installed - direct to player download  
> page
>     7) Ideally provide 1.5 MB unstuffed player
> How to make 5) easy? is there still a stack / scripts floating  
> around that set browser mime type for Rev stacks?
> What does the HTML stack link look like for calling up a local  
> stack? Remote stack?

you are still talking about using altBrowser inside Rev?

In that case you can link to local stack or stack on the server just  
like any html-link
and simply check the link the user clicks inside the altBrowser with:
(No need for mimetypes etc...)

on XBrowser_beforeNavigate URL_clicked
   ##do somthing with URL_clicked
end XBrowser_beforeNavigate

But maybe i did not quite understand what you are after... :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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