Web integration - round trip and point 5?

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Fri Sep 2 13:42:12 EDT 2005

David -

I see that you're not suggesting that stacks be directly downloaded 
within the Rev environment (as opposed to altBrowser + web page). Is 
there a reason you don't want to do that? Seems like it could make life 
easier for users by requiring fewer steps to get what they want.

Certainly if a user doesn't have a player, they'll need to download 
that. But if you provided a standalone instead that simply knows where 
to look on a server for new stacks, it seems to me that could be better. 
It keeps to a minimum the user knowledge required for success. (It could 
work sort of like the GoRevNet plugin, only it would be a standalone.)

Two cents please...

Thanks -
Phil Davis

david bovill wrote:
> Done my best to give this an exciting title :) Can anyone help polish  
> this list... it's full of half knowledge....
> So how to make the most of Rev web integration?
>     1) Use the altBrowser external to embed a browser in Rev
>     2) Store stacks on Http or https server and update them there
>     3) Cache them locally for offline storage
>     4) Check md5Hash of stacks and update cache if different
>     5) Allow users to open stacks from browser by selecting HTMl  link 
> in browser page....
>     6) If minimal engine not installed - direct to player download page
>     7) Ideally provide 1.5 MB unstuffed player
> How to make 5) easy? is there still a stack / scripts floating around  
> that set browser mime type for Rev stacks? What does the HTML stack  
> link look like for calling up a local stack? Remote stack?
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