OT - Reporting a socket packet pocket error...

Bob Earp rjearp at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 13:36:45 EDT 2005

I sent the following to the ed list but obviously very few people are 
reading that which is a shame because there's some good people lurking there 


The following was kindly sent to me by a friend:  unfortunately I don't know 
who the original author was other was or I'd quote them.  I did take a litle 
"poetic license" however (sorry in advance Dan).  Try to read this as you 
would read The Cat in the Hat, or similar.

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
and the bus is interrupted at a very last resort,
and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,
then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.

If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash,
and the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash,
and your data is corrupted cause the index doesn't hash,
then your situation’s hopeless and your system’s gonna crash!

If the label on the cable on the table at your house,
says the network is connected to the button on your mouse,
but your packets want to tunnel to another protocol,
that’s repeatedly rejected by the printer down the hall…

And your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss,
so your icons in the window are as wavy as a souse;
then you may as well reboot and go out with such a bang,
‘cuz sure as I'm a poet the sucker’s gonna hang.

When the copy on your floppy’s getting sloppy in the disk,
and Dan Shafer's code instructions are causing you a risk,
then you'll have to flash the memory and you'll want to RAM your ROM,
and then quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your Mom !

Well, that clears up an awful lot for me when I use  Rev on a Pee Cee…..

Happy Labour Day (note the spelling !!)

best, Bob…

Bob Earp - White Rock, BC

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