Web integration - round trip and point 5?

david bovill david at openpartnership.net
Fri Sep 2 13:14:08 EDT 2005

Done my best to give this an exciting title :) Can anyone help polish  
this list... it's full of half knowledge....

So how to make the most of Rev web integration?

     1) Use the altBrowser external to embed a browser in Rev
     2) Store stacks on Http or https server and update them there
     3) Cache them locally for offline storage
     4) Check md5Hash of stacks and update cache if different

     5) Allow users to open stacks from browser by selecting HTMl  
link in browser page....
     6) If minimal engine not installed - direct to player download page
     7) Ideally provide 1.5 MB unstuffed player

How to make 5) easy? is there still a stack / scripts floating around  
that set browser mime type for Rev stacks? What does the HTML stack  
link look like for calling up a local stack? Remote stack?

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