problem waiting - spellchecker

David Burgun dburgun at
Thu Sep 1 08:11:09 EDT 2005


Just at thought, but could you do something like this:

In handler that you want to wait in:

global gConditionFlag

put false into gConditionFlag
send CheckIfDone to this card in 10 ticks -- or a good value for the task

global gConditionFlag

on CheckIfDone
if gConditionFlag = false then
send CheckIfDone to me in 10 ticks -- or a good value for the task
exit CheckIfD
end if

-- Do the update

end CheckIfDone

not sure how this would fit into your project though.

All the Best

>Hi everyone
>I've advanced quite a lot in the spell checker BUT
>the wait until [condition] with messages
>still gives me lots of troubles.
>It works usually the first time, maybe a second time,
>but it definitely locks up after 2-4 loops...
>By locking up, i mean that it doesn't seem to get either the
>"with messages" or that the condition is correct.
>I checked if the waitdepth is not > 1 but it is not. And if it
>was, how do you delete the pending waits? grrr...
>After a control-C to abort the "wait", the error message indicates
>that the lock up happens at the "wait" statement.
>What can cause this problem? Nothing else is running or being sent
>or listed in the pending messages...
>This is far from reliable "at all" from what i can tell. Even if i
>debug (usually forces things to work better - or worse ;), it doesn't
>help. I see no cause for the wait to "hang"...
>Thanks for any help on this...
>Other than that, i got a "real" word parser going, and i'll be also
>putting back the style to the corrected words where necessary... This
>is quite a challenging application - to be done the right way ;)
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