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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Oct 30 10:55:36 EST 2005

[Forgive my changing the subject line, with after more than 100 messages 
about wikis in the last three days more than a few readers have shared 
with me that their head will explode if they see "wiki" in the subject 
line of what used to be the use-rev list.]

David Bovill wrote:
 > On 29 Oct 2005, at 19:34, Dennis Brown wrote:
 >> Thank you for pointing that out to folks.
 >> I am signed up, anyone else joining us?
 > Yes - but still waiting for Yahoo groups to verify my email address -
 > god I hate Yahoo groups.

I doubt it's mutual.

Perhaps your hatred extends to an overzealous spam filter?

I just created another Yahoo ID.  The form took slightly more than a 
minute to fill in, and the confirmation email took less than a minute to 
arrive at the address I entered.  This is consistent with my previous 
experience with Yahoo being at least as easy as just about any other 
accounts-based site.

And if you're already a member any of the other dozen or so 
xTalk-related groups on Yahoo, such as the MC IDE, Rev_IPC, HyperCard, 
or SuperCard lists, it should not be necessary to register.  Just click 
one on the "Join this Group" link and you're in.

The URL for the RevDocs group is:

Looking forward to seeing you there.

  Richard Gaskin
  Managing Editor, revJournal
  Rev tips, tutorials and more:

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