Plain text or Unicodetext?

Marcus van Houdt marcus at
Sun Oct 30 09:28:49 EST 2005


At present there is no way to directly check the encoding of the text 
entered in a field, however, you can detect it indirectly by checking 
the htmlText property of the field.
If plain text is entered there will be no "lang" attribute present in 
the "font" tag, however, if there is any unicode present in the field 
there will be a lang attribute for the font tag present.
You can try this out easily by typing a line of plain text in a field 
and then typing a line of unicode text before doing "put the htmlText 
of field "name you gave field" in the message box, you will notice 
there is only a lang tag present for the unicode text.

If you wish to determine whether text returned from a dialog is unicode 
or plain text, you will need to check the htmlText property of the 
field used in the dialog box to enter the text.



> Hi,
> Is there a way to determine if the text returned from a dialog is 
> ascii text or unicodedtext? I tried working with the chartonum, 
> useunicode and baseconvert functions to no avail.
> I tried converting and comparing uniencoded versions with the original 
> text and no go. I have tried what I know so I turn to the list.
> Thanks
> Ron
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