Darwin cgi engine and sendmail

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Sun Oct 30 05:42:20 EST 2005

On 28 Oct 2005, at 22:46, Andre Garzia wrote:

> there was some snipet code by sivakatirswami showing that some time  
> ago on the list, I'll search the list and get back to you.

Thanks. Andre. I found a snippet on the Metacard list from some time  
ago. This used "open process". Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work.

Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Here you go Dave.. .from the application here that generates our  
> Daily Hindu Press international..
> This is running from a rev desktop stack in the GUI, but I'm pretty  
> sure it will work from a CGI...

Thanks for this. Very promising. I got it working from my normal  
machine (OS X 10.4.2) from both a regular stack and a cgi.

But I can't get it to run on the machine I want to use (OS X 10.3.9).  
I get this error:

  postdrop: warning: unable to look up public/pickup: No such file or  

Googling for this brings up a lot of discussion about unix/postfix  
configuration issues. (Not really a place I want to go.) But no  
obvious solution so far.

If anyone has any hints, I'd love to hear.


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