2.6.1 very slow on Win XP?

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 28 23:07:35 EDT 2005

Thanks to all who replied.
I am using no anti-virus software, and it's a pretty basic Win XP SP1 
I have a feeling that, aside from the intial startup delay, it might be due 
to the fact that the stacks I'm running open other stacks across a local 
network. There's always a bit of a delay in normal function there; perhaps 
some interior Rev-IDE scripts bog down.

Also, I opened a copy of a stack previously opened from across the network; 
and I forgot that Rev does not necessarily release resources and settings 
when a stack is closed.  Maybe it got something confused....

In any case, I was able to get the work I needed done eventually.  In 
general, I find the Rev environment to be quicker and more responsive when 
run on Mac OS X, so I do most of my work there, and then do a bit of 
tweaking using the Windows editor afterwards.  I can't really explain the 
perceived difference; the computers used are a 1.3 mHz Mac and a 2 mHz Dell. 
  Maybe the memory?  The Mac has 768 MB and the Dell 512 MB.  Is 512 MB 

Thanks, Kurt

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