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Thu Oct 27 19:20:19 EDT 2005

Wow! Some days you just don't know how lucky you will be! :) 
I'm about to start on an in-house project using rev that will also need to 
keep track of and move lots of files around. Thanks Sarah! 
Rishi Viner. 
Quoting Sarah Reichelt <sarah.reichelt at>: 
> Hi All, 
> I got sick of listing files in various folders and having to set the 
> default folder to do so, and then having to remember to set it back 
> afterwards. You can't  use "the files" to list files in anything other 
> than the default folder, so here is the function I wrote to handle 
> this boring stuff for me. It may be of no interest to most people, but 
> I am currently working on an app that has to examine multiple folders 
> and transfer files around, so it is saving me a lot of typing. 
> The first parameter is the path to a folder. The second parameter 
> dictates whether the full file path for each file should be returned, 
> or just the file name. It can be any of true, yes or full. 
> Cheers, 
> Sarah 
> function listFiles pFolder, pGiveFullPath 
>   if there is not a folder pFolder then return empty 
>   -- get the list of files & reset default folder 
>   put the defaultFolder into tOldDefault 
>   set the defaultFolder to pFolder 
>   put the files into tFileList 
>   set the defaultFolder to tOldDefault 
>   -- filter out OS X's invisible files 
>   filter tFileList without ".*" 
>   -- add folder path to file name if required 
>   if pGiveFullPath is among the items of "true,yes,full" then 
>     put empty into tFullList 
>     if the last char of pFolder <> "/" then put "/" after pFolder 
>     repeat for each line L in tFileList 
>       put pFolder & L & cr after tFullList 
>     end repeat 
>     delete last char of tFullList 
>     return tFullList 
>   else 
>     return tFileList 
>   end if 
> end listFiles 
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