ANN: new FREE lib: mk_libsmil1, second try

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Oct 27 10:47:04 EDT 2005

Hi Roger,

>> Hi friends,
>> i recently uploaded a little stack to Rev-Online that will generate a
>> SMIL file on the fly that you can use with a player-object.
>> Since noone replied except my old chum Dave (hi Dave :-) i will give
>> it a second try. Maybe i should have called it ALT_libsmil,
>> mk_WIKI_libsmil or something... ;-)
>> SMIL = Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
>> Please use GOOGLE to learn more about SMIL.
> Hi Klaus,
> I'm sorry you got so few replies for your fine contribution.

well, looks like it got lost a bit in the heavy and partly
"academic" discussions here on the list ;-)

> I had never
> heard of the SMIL language until I took your advice and googled it.

I am sure there are a whole lot more of very nice things/techniques  
to be discovered :-)

Since i am very interested in QT and multimedia per se I once discovered
QT SMIL and started to experiment, the docs are VERY sparse and  
in tiny bits all over the net.

I will keep on investigating SMIL and hope to add more features to  
the mk_libsmil1
once i discovered tehm ;-)

> It sounds like a great way to build multimedia presentations (without
> Director). Integrating it into Revs built-in QuickTime support is  
> makes it
> easily accessible via your function/notAlibrary. ;-)


Although Quicktime only supports a small part of the SMIL specifications
it is yet a very powerful addition, that's right.

> Thanks for sharing this!

You're very welcome!

> Best regards,
> Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

Regards from a warm (23° C today here!) germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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