Runtime Engine

Dan Shafer revdan at
Wed Oct 26 16:38:45 EDT 2005


In that case, you'll just want to check licensing terms with RunRev  
to ensure that you won't incur any additional charges for the CGI  
engine. My recollection is that they do charge for such use but I'm  
not a spokesman for the company. And in any case, I know they are  
open to creative licensing deals as well, so perhaps even if their  
normal policy would result in a per-sale cost to you, something else  
can be worked out.

On Oct 26, 2005, at 12:22 PM, Stewart Lynch wrote:

> I am interested in building a CGI that I can bundle with another Web
> solution that I produce that runs on FirstClass.  FirstClass  
> supports CGIs
> so I would like to offer my cgi solution with my web solution.
> I was hoping that I could do this in revolution and perhaps use a  
> royalty
> free Revolution runtime engine.  Is this not possible?

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