video, frame grab, ftp question

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Wed Oct 26 02:15:51 EDT 2005

Here is a challenge that I would like to meet using as much Rev as possible

1) satellite TV feed to decoder (black box)  [this is a legal subscription
feed by the way]
2) decoder channel to input on an old Mac G4 350 mH (probably RCA video
3) frame grab black/white only, perhaps every 5-10 seconds
4) FTP a jpg of the frame to a server
5) use an IR signal emitter to change the channel on the decoder via Rev
6) auto-download the jpg on client computer to display in a Rev window

Small image size is preferred, no animation, just stop action of 5-10 secs.
Would like to use AppleScriptable apps if possible to achieve timing.
Alternate could be an automatic grabbing utility (ala security/web cam
software) and just pick up the file it would generate at preset intervals.
OSX Tiger (possibly Panther, Jaguar, OS9)
Framegrab PCI card OK or a USB ext device OK
Sound not nec.  G4 would only be used for this purpose.

I have already designed ftp agent apps to pass files around between offices.
Would like the Rev client app user to click to change the channel on the
decoder using another Rev app on the G4 video provider.
This is a new area for me, but the client is hoping that I can 'magic up' a
working solution.

Any ideas or specific recommendations?

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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