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Tuesday, October 25, 2005, 7:44:04 AM, you wrote:

> Maybe this is why a Wiki *might* work while Web Notes (based on the last
> 9 months experience or so since they were introduced) demonstrably don't
> work.

I notice that the Web Notes I have uploaded have just disappeared into
the void. I don't know whether they were vetted and rejected, whether
they never made it to the destination, whether they were overwritten
by someone else, whether I should resubmit them, etc. I've got notes
scribbled in my hardcopy of the docs and there they remain, for my
eyes only.

It's really not worth my while trying to type these things in anymore.
If this is an attempt at a wiki sort of approach it's a failure. If
it's trying to implement a Bugzilla enhancement request feature, it
also isn't accomplishing that. What Web Notes are and how they work
has never been documented. Maybe you have to type "hkhfkj" in order
for them to stick?

-Mark Wieder
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