Blend Grc Bug

MisterX b.xavier at
Tue Oct 25 10:41:22 EDT 2005

There's another bug where you can't set the blendlevel of the group!

Another one when you stop dragging a control in the blend group where
the selected control stops being transparent...
but I haven't had a crash or a problem freezing rev with it that I
remember... And I am in W2K...

What's in your group?


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> Found a new bug last night (running on Windows)  I was 
> playing around with the new 2.6.1 Vector Blend enhancement 
> and I accidentally assigned the Blend ink to a group and 
> instead of happily ignoring me like it does when you apply 
> one of the other inks to a group, the program freaked out - 
> the group in question dissapears, window pixmaps are all 
> messed up etc. Ultimately I ended up having to 
> ControlAlt-Delete to get out of Rev.
>  Happens each and every single time for me, but anyone wanna 
> confirm this when running on Windows 2000?
>  - TJ
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