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Tue Oct 25 00:37:05 EDT 2005

Ah, yes, this can be quite a quagmire, which is why I suggested that for
those of us who use regular expressions (but not on a regular basis)  'for
increased power and productivity', it might be useful to build a library of
forms and examples in Rev functions.

The trial-and-error nature is due to the 'alternate' thinking required .
Unfortunately, my projects don't really leave time for exhaustive testing
and I fear the exceptions/false-misses will hurt my programming result.  On
one project it will be a minor nuisance, and another, quite an expensive

The goal for me is not to see who can write the most clever/most fastest,
but instead, the most powerful yet understandable.  The key is to know
exactly what rules you are invoking in order to accurately predict the

As I said before, gleaning pearls from an oily mess.
All of 'um, and only dem.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas
who will be organizing his regex beginning this week and sharing in the very
near future.

On 10/24/05 6:05 PM, "Ken Ray" <kray at> wrote:

> On 10/24/05 5:40 PM, "Marielle Lange" <mlange at> wrote:
>>> The other main issue is that Rev does not support all the fine
>>> nuances of Perl-style RegEx, though the docs say it does.
> Actually, what they support is whatever comes with the PCRE engine, and is
> supported fully for matchText/matchChunk (AFAIK), whereas it seems like
> replaceText only seems to support a portion of PCRE (although I could be
> wrong).
>> A problem is that their documentation doesn't match what their
>> functions. 
> True, but they *do* say "Revolution implements regular expressions
> compatible with the PCRE library. For detailed information about regular
> expression elements you can use with this function, see the PCRE manual at
> <>."
> And given the fact that regular expressions is a lengthy topic, I'm not too
> surprised that they have not explained them in detail.
>> I was surprised to see Mark use \s and \S as they are not mentioned
>> in the documentation (which hasn't been updated to follow updates in
>> the function in version 2.5). Full information about these special
>> codes can be found below.
> See above - I think they just want people to read the docs at
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