Phishy Paypal

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Oct 22 17:29:31 EDT 2005

Dennis Brown wrote:
> I just used my Paypal for a transaction yesterday after a long period  
> of not using it.  Today I have been Phished twice by phony Paypal  
> emails and sites!

There may or may not be a cause-and-effect relationship there.  After 
all, phishing is an attempt to get account info from someone -- if 
you're already a PayPal customer and PayPal were doing the phishing, 
they'd just be working overtime to get info they already have.

You could test this theory by using a complex semi-random email address 
that's not published anywhere else.

But I suspect such a test will turn out negative.  Not that I have 
enough experience with PayPal to vouch for them, but simply that PayPal 
phishing their own customers for info just doesn't make sense.

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