OT: Looking for a cheap web hosting ISP - Go Dreamhost!

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Fri Oct 21 17:12:54 EDT 2005

Stephen Barncard wrote:

> "Go Dreamhost!

Thank you - I did.

Thanks to everyone who replied - I knew some of you guys would have done 
the same research I was doing.

I decided to go with Dreamhost, mostly due to
 - good recommendations (though others also had that)
 - good price (since I'm not moving my existing sites, I needed another 
domain to be registered, so by including that in the price they sneaked 
in below Jaguar in price)
 - separate, different-network status page [this is so obvious, why does 
no-one else do it !!]
 - better support and FAQ pages (e.g. giving version numbers of the 
various packages installed)
 - I liked their bit on Frontpage ("we recommend you don't run this, but 
if you must, we'll let you" :-)

I now have tweedly.org hosted at Dreamhost (but don't even look - 
there's nothing interesting there).

btw - my brother beat me to tweedly.com and tweedly.co.uk - guess there 
are advantages to an unusual surname)

Alex Tweedly       http://www.tweedly.net

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