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Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Oct 21 13:10:04 EDT 2005

Hi Stephen,

Here's the deal with ButtonGadget for Mac. You see, one of the neatest 
features of ButtonGadget is you can just click an image on a web page 
and it will auto-download and launch ButtonGadget.

This bit of trickery worked fine a couple years ago when BG was first 
created. Getting this feature to work on the Mac with Safari is much 
more difficult (if not impossible), and it's also becoming more 
difficult to do it with all the 'protective features' of web browsers on 
PC's as well. So, what I really need is a rewrite of ButtonGadget's 
buttonset libraries.

And while I'm at it, I should allow people to build their own buttons 
templates as well (now they can import them from Photoshop/GIMP/PSP Png 
files). Plus, I'm in the process of adding a whole bunch of cool editing 
parts including BittyFont (small bitmap font rendering engine for Rev) 
and some cool new widget building tools (kinda like Interface Designer 
stuff on steroids).

Of course if you really have to have it, you can purchase the PC 
version, go to the special users area, download the ButtonGadgetPro 
beta, which installs a stack in your libraries folder, which should run 
just fine on Mac. You'll of course need to right-click the buttonsets 
from the webpage and 'save target as' to the buttonplugins folder so 
they appear in your library.



Stephen Barncard wrote:
> Except there is NO $%^##$% MAC VERSION of Button Gadget...
> long, long ago, there used to be...OS9?
> It had a few bugs but it worked...
> I've been meaning to ask Chipp:
> What is it about Windoze that makes it work? Wasn't it written in 
> Transcript?
> Or is it just about priorities/time (which I fully understand)?
>> Quoting René Micout <rmicout at>:
>>> Hello,
>>> How can I make "metal button aspect" like, for example, in iPhoto
>> You could do what I did and buy Button-Gadget Pro from Altuit.
>> Her you can see a screenshot.
>> bob

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