Dealing with filenames in a folder...

Ian Leigh ianl at
Tue Oct 18 17:07:44 EDT 2005

I am, as an attempt to learn Dreamcard, writing a frontend to MAME. I  
have a fair idea of what I need to do, just doing it is a bit of a  
struggle at the moment.

The user points to where their ROM folder is. What I then need to do  
is take each filename that ends with .ZIP and convert that into a  
full title. At the moment I am cross referencing the filename with a  
text file containing the information I need. Displaying the filenames  
in a field is easy using the files command and filter to find  
the .zips. Because the filename isn't very descriptive I want to use  
the descriptions in the text file instead.

So far I have been trying the following....

global allgamedata, ROMlist, ROMtitlelist

on mouseUp
   local counter, titletoscan, n
   answer folder "Where are your ROMs?"
   put it into field "ROMlocation"
   set the defaultfolder to field "ROMlocation"
   put the files into ROMlist
   filter ROMlist with ".zip"
   put ROMlist into field "gamedescription"
   repeat with n = 1 to the number of lines in ROMlist
     put line n of ROMlist into titletoscan
     put titletoscan into field "filetoscan"
     add scantitle(titletoscan) to ROMtitlelist
   end repeat
   put ROMtitlelist into field "availablegames"

end mouseUp

function scantitle titletoscan
   local gametitle, returnedpos
   put lineoffset("$info=" & titletoscan, allgamedata) into returnedpos
   put line returnedpos + 2 of allgamedata into gametitle
   return gametitle
end scantitle

The problem is that the first item in ROMlist is .DSstore and the  
whole thing seems to stop there. I could do with a little help if  
anyone can assist!

I have been thinking perhaps I should take the filename one at a time  
and then create an array to store each game into but don't know if  
that is really necessary in rev. The reason this has to be done is  
that MAME supports many thousands of roms but the user may only have  
a handful.

Many thanks


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