Open Process on OSX

Samuel M. Smith smithsm at
Tue Oct 18 16:40:56 EDT 2005

>> I never can read from the process once the process tries to read  
>> from  runrev
>> The write was correctly received by the process because it gets   
>> written to the file in the process
>> However runrev doesn't manage reads by the process correctly since  
>> I  can't read from the process by runrev
>> once the process tries to read from runrev.
>> Looks like a bug.
> I think what is happening is that the pointer has moved to the end  
> of the data and there is nothing left to read. I haven't  
> specifically used the "open/read process" commands, but it looks  
> like they function exactly the way opening and reading files does.  
> If so, every read and write moves the current location of the  
> pointer to the end of the string just read or written. When you  
> read the first line, the pointer is at the end of that line.  
> Reading the next line moves it to the end of the second line.  
> Writing a line then moves it to the end of the third line. If you  
> then issue another "read" command, you are at the end of the file  
> and there is nothing to read.
> To read the third line in this situation, you must include the  
> "start" position in the "read" command, which should indicate the  
> character offset of the third line. You'll have to parse this. If  
> you are storing the parts you've read so far in a variable, the  
> offset would be the length of the stored variable, for example.

If so it would be make it really annoying to manage an interactive  

I haven't had time to test your suggestion but I already did a test  
where the first thing I did was write to the process
before I read anything and the subsequent reads from the process  
worked fine. This behavior seems inconsistent with your suggestion.

I will test and verify however

thanks for the suggestion

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