Constellation's Great, But the Rev IDE Doesn't Suck

Todd Geist tg.lists at
Tue Oct 18 14:59:02 EDT 2005


On 10/18/05 10:01 AM, "Dan Shafer" <revdan at> wrote:

>> 4.  Windows in the IDE never open where you left them, especially
>> when you have 2 monitors.
> Yeah, this one's a real PITA. I can't ell you how many times I've had
> to use the message box to reposition windows that are on my no-longer-
> connected external monitor.

Drives me nuts too.  When at my office I am plugged in two monitors.  When I
am at Starbucks I just have the one.

I finally created a little stack that lets me pick an open stack and then
set the left and top.

If anybody wants it, send me an email off list.



Todd Geist
g e i s t   i n t e r a c t i v e 

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