Constellation's Great, But the Rev IDE Doesn't Suck

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Mon Oct 17 20:11:06 CDT 2005

  I, for one, think you are being way too kind to the Rev IDE. The 
debugger opens at random sizes. Buttons and bits of buttons float 
around the script editor. Opening the Variable Watcher opens the Object 
Inspector (on top of the VW window on my system). The Variable Watcher 
doesn't watch variables reliably (the clickLine is a particular problem 
in my work). Hard to believe a Version 2.x product could have so many 
basic "flaws and rough edges and quirks".
 Go Jerry, go!
 Paul Looney

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  A couple of you were kind enough to point out that in my exuberant 
endorsement of Jerry Daniels' wonderful Constellation Rev IDE, I came 
off sounding a bit like the built-in, out-of-the-box Rev IDE was a 
piece of crap. Let me set the record straight. It's wonderful. It has 
flaws and rough edges and quirks that sometimes confuse newbies and 
even oldies. But it's still really a great product. 
  It's just that Constellation learned from what the Rev IDE designers 
did one way and created a new way that I personally find more usable 
and seamless. 
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