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You can overide or subclass methods. However...

Overide happens at the local stack level - you copy the library's method 
and overide it from the 
local stack's methods. 

Subclassing is a bit different:
You have a mehod called CreateClient that creates clients. If you wanted 
to use that to createClient
objects or Companies, you copy the method, rename it and change what you 


if you have a generic createobject method, you can improve this one by 
providing what kind of
object you want to create. The createObject is then scripted to either do 
different things per object
(which will overbloat the function) or you create a subtype creation 
branching for the different objects
that createobject can make. Harder to explain given the number of 


use-revolution-bounces at wrote on 17/10/2005 08:44:39:

> I'm still struggling a bit to grok TAOO as well, Dennis. We've 
> established that it's not extensible in the Smalltalk sense (i.e., by 
> subclassing and overriding methods). It's more like a collection of 
> Rev libraries that go one step beyond the usual libraries by 
> providing a generalized framework within which you can build apps and 
> other libraries more efficiently.
> In that sense, I suspect it's more like a conventional programming 
> language set of libraries. You load the libraries, then call their 
> functions and commands, which are designed to be as generic as Xavier 
> can make them to deal with the most common programming requirements 
> he encounters in the kinds of apps he builds. He's inviting us to 
> create new libraries that address other kinds of programming 
> requirements.
> On Oct 16, 2005, at 6:06 PM, Dennis Brown wrote:
> > However, if you did not "get" Forth, you might not be able to tell 
> > me if I have got any kind of mental hook to grab onto it yet.  I 
> > understand Small Talk  is an extensible language and you are 
> > familiar with it.  Can you draw any parallels in that direction?
> >
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