Rev vs. AJAX... Ajax vs TAOO [|Not so Short]

MisterX b.xavier at
Sun Oct 16 00:32:32 EDT 2005


> Xavier,
> 1. Give me an example of a stack more easily made in TAOO than in Rev.

DiscreteBrowser, TAOO documentation, Science... 
Different applications, same GUIs

> 2. Show me a specific example of "auto-organizing"

The "category" or keyword or link based index is still in the works so I
can't do this yet. In concept, it works like the select keyword in SQL. If
you want to move or copy or manage a number of objects in a group, you can
filter them via the "Category, Type, or any property" of the object.

As for the GUI, the TabMenus auto-organize the different views possible to
an object and its properties.

> 3. Show me an example of "auto-relating"

Click on Keywords or Categories. Click on a keyword or category to see the
related items. To be added at an ulterior stage is the possibility to manage
those (not just browse and go there) more implicitely - like you can manage
the current object but via a context menu for example...

> I really don't know what you are talking about.

If you use any application made with a framework, you do...
It's like building a house with legos. You don't know what a single lego
piece can be for. But it's easy to see that you can take the garage and put
it on top of the second floor (not that it's practical) but if you rename
the garage to helicopter house, you automatically (as a kid) know what to do
with your helicopter. 

Since TAOO is a framework with a builtin logic that abstracts what the
subject to the simple naming of the file, it's too easy to miss the point.

But you call a database contacts or products or sales because that's their
intention. Inside them, the components are the same and based on a framework
concept so you can store and relate information in it. But you already knew
that... Samething in TAOO for Rev... 

> Paul Looney

Thanks for the questions, I'll add them to the new web site!

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