what in the TAO is happening?

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Oct 15 15:19:13 EDT 2005

> > Sure we need both structure and infrastructure but
> Honey - you are about as structured as a hurricane on toast!

To develop the structure for TAOO and it's rev infrastructure I needed a new
more flexible structure than PHPNuke so I've laid out a new site thanks to
wiki which affords real structures in its infrastructure.

see my new website url at the end later...

It will soon replace the regular monsieurx (;0 

That was part of the problem... Website image credibility...

The second part is explaining how a phylosophy fits a "software development
architecture that is natural for your projects' development effort". That
it's beneficial is not really for me to say but I think I can prove that
anytime! You're turn to try...

My goal is the empowerement of the user's data structure use by providing a
smart and modular infrastructure in the Rev IDE. Since the content is
regardless of the infrastructure, it's structure can be managed in many new
ways me thinks! 

 You have a choice:
>      1) Stick to your methodology and develop an application 
> / framework by yourself.
>      2) Learn how to collaborate / do social software.

Im sorry Dave but you seem to miss the the underlying design principles I
keep repeating.

The methodology is to make it collaborative in a socially beneficial way for
software components to be built by different persons. If you meant, im not
sharing the source, that's about to change. We'll see how many like it that
way. But don't complain it's not finished! It runs but parts are still under
development - I only have two hands and don't want to embarrass myself again
with incomplete software complains. Nonetheless, I do have quite a
substantial amount to show! The 5 MB download expands to 21 MBs of pure
script power... 

As I've said many times, TAOO is a phylosophy with methodology but it allows
something different to happen where the "users" context is litterally just a
question of naming a new file... 

> Social software requires an understanding of other people, a 
> good marketing approach (open source style) and the ability 
> to structure your work so that other people with short 
> attention spans can engage.  

for one, it is opensource - restrictions respected where applicable. Other
people's software in business I've developped since 1991, I believe that's
enough experience. I do better guis than what you see believe me but it's
not the right time to rush into things that are going to change drastically
later. Im not a great gui designer but im working on that! Alas I can't
change the PC gui rev or windows 2000 gives me. I use win 2000 because it's
a least common denominator gui - alas no gui. It's also one of the most
compact expected custom pixel-clicked graphic guis! 

> and the ability 
> to structure your work so that other people with short 
> attention spans can engage.  

What can be easier than objects in a group or eggs in a basket or contacts
in a company or cards in a background in a stack?

> An alternate strategy is to team up with a few other people 
> who appreciate your skills and energy, and are prepared to 
> put substantial work into developing a framework.

which is what I keep hoping! 

> I have tried (hard), Monte, Alain, Marielle and others have 
> too. You need to change how you do things or else it will not 
> work out (again)
> - to the loss of everyone.

Rome didn't get cabled in a day - consider that... 

> Key Points:
>      1) Do not do any marketing. Let someone else do it. Your 
> rhetoric is entertaining but incomprehensible. It puts people 
> off. As you cannot seem to be able to cut the hyperbole, the 
> best strategy is to stop. Save your time, and concentrate on 
> developing finished components.

which is what I try to do. If I defend TAOO so vigorously is because I see
that people talk about what already available! Maybe in being too diplomatic
about it the meaning gets lost...

>      2) Do not send people XOS, TAOO or whatever. There is no point.  
> No-one will be able to use it or understand it.

if they can understand ajax or ruby on rails, and they can understand rev,
im sure they can understand TAOO! And I do think I try to exemplify what I
say to avoid this. Should I mention also it does pie charts and how good
that is for your business like a certain office type of line of products? Im
sure we all see that possible.

>      3) Work for people - do not lead. Influence the 
> development of the work through persuasion and the 
> incremental working code you release and they see as useful - 
> not through rhetoric and incomplete frameworks.
>      4) Lose your attachment to any historical code-base.

That's ridiculous. This is an incremental script base with richer and richer
guis each day with less and less effort!

>      5) Build instead upon the relationships you succeed in forming.

making those relationships has not been as easy as making a correct web html
rendering filter for rev-fields which hundreds of users tried. So im making
tools for users with needs but the relationships do not work.

> I don't know what your time pressures are like at the moment, 
> but one way of practically taking this forwards is to spend a 
> week together with a couple of similarly motivated 
> developers. Marielle is keen to take this seriously from 
> December - so we may be able to do this then?

No offence meant David, but you keep contradicting my principles that make
it work. It's probably the wording or the babel fish in my ear distorting
something but while the intention to open up rev to the world remains the
same, my goals are not coming in clear somehow...

so I invite you all to the new monsieurX wiki...

Im all game and have set up the right tools for it in my new wiki on


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