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>As for incremental searches, it's just a look searching the next word and 
>adding the findings to the
>results list. Isn't it? Let me know if you can't see how it's done...
Yes and no.

>Please explain in what way it is incremental? search words, searching 
I understand "incremental search" to mean that the searching (and 
display) happens in real time as I type the search string. So as soon as 
I hit "a" it highlights the first (occurrence of an "a"), then when I 
type "l" it highlights the first occurrence of "al", etc. Examples 
include emacs (gets it right), Firefox on-page search (gets it wrong, 
IMO, by not rewinding the search properly if I use backspace to remove 
parts of the search string), and others. This avoids the problem of 
having to guess how much of a string is needed to make it relatively unique.

I especially like the fact that in Emacs you can tell it (ctrl-w) to 
take the rest of the currently found word, and move that into the search 
string - this is a big help when searching for calls to functions from a 
library, for instance.

And no, I have never written one in Transcript, but often meant to, so I 
might just have a play with it now ....

Alex Tweedly

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