[OT] Microsoft Office's New UI Blazes Some New Trails for Us

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Wed Oct 12 01:05:20 CDT 2005


<rant on>

Precisely the problem I've had with academia for quite some time. I've
spent over 6 years on a local University Advisory Board helping
professors understand there's more to preparing students for the real
world than teaching theory. You gotta teach skills too.

In fact, back in grad school, the School of Architecture department
insisted on students learning 'skills' on their own time, and leave the
classroom for 'loftier learning experiences.' Of course, tenured
professors blew a gasket when all the architecture students came begging
for an architectural rendering class (which I did teach), in order to
better prepare their skills for getting a job.

Frankly, IMO the old master/apprentice approach had it much closer to
correct: Teach skills first. Without the ability to draw, how can you
expect them to design? I can tell you I've seen great successes using
the same strategy in multiple companies over the years.

IMO, you certainly have a low opinion of your students if you really
think they believe "These things are trumpeted as ends in themselves."
Any decent student will use it as yet another tool and stepping stone to
further their learning and carreer.

<rant off>

Judy Perry wrote:
> But, respectfully, they all LOOK ALIKE.  You can spot them from a mile
> away.  They are fake; they not infrequently have nothing to do with the
> content which they exist presumably to advance.  They were chosen for
> being the least obnoxious of the predetermined lot.  Modifying them
> doesn't even come into play.

Sounds like Flash to me. LOL
btw, good TROLLING Judy, you got me!

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