Constellation users?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Oct 11 14:44:44 EDT 2005

If you're a Mac user, then IMO, it's a 'must have.' As a PC user, I've 
been using the inspector gadget for over a year, and can honestly say 
it's the most used plugin in my arsenal (well, maybe tied with altArchive).

Constellation the script editor, for the most part works great on PC, 
but I think there are still a couple of tweaks yet to go. I frequently 
fire it up to use some of it's more special features. For instance, the 
ability to create 'script folders' for a single object script is 
invaluable. It's really great for library scripts which can get quite 
long. You can effectively 'drag-drop' your handlers and functions into 
script folders which can be expanded/collapsed with a single mouseClick.

Jerry works on Macs mostly, but has a PC right there on his desk with 
him. Most of the beta testers (AFAIK) are on Mac as well, so it's been 
really 'put through the ringer' on THAT platform.

The best feature about Constellation, is the support. Anytime I point 
out a problem to Jerry and have a replicable recipe, it gets fixed-- 
usually within 24 hours. Just can't beat that kind of service :-)


Troy Rollins wrote:
> Anyone here using D&M's Constellation and other "Gadgets" on a daily 
> basis that might be willing to answer a few questions, on or off list? 
> I'm considering it, but I don't see a trial version so I'd like to get a 
> couple of usage details from a regular user.

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