Unicode Users Unite

ron barber rbarber at yhb.att.ne.jp
Mon Oct 10 19:29:17 EDT 2005

Its great to get 2.6.1 with its many bug fixes and some enhancements. 
If you use unicode in Rev then you know that it is also an area that 
could use some focused attention. I have listed below the outstanding 
bugs from Bugzilla. We all know that these are not the sum of all bugs 
concerning unicode. Some were reported multiple times and some are not 
listed at all. Let's let Rev know what they need to do to get Unicode 
really usable and robust so that we, and they, can reach markets 
outside the US.
Here's my suggestion. Look for bugs. If you find a bug, run it by the 
list first. This may suggest a temporary work around but it will also 
look for confirmation and prevent duplication. If it is a bug, put it 
in Bugzilla and list it under the Unicode and Localization component  
and use 'Unicode' in the description. This makes it easier to compile a 
list of outstanding issues.
Let's help Rev make unicode a usable feature and open up some new 


2874        	PC   	   	UNCO     Japanese Keyboard Layout not Honored - 
As stated but is it only applicable to Japanese or other keyboard 
layouts as well?

2998 	   	Mac 	   	UNCO     Chunk expressions in Unicode - Unicode text 
  cannot be handled by most of the chunk rendering expressions

3022 	   	Mac       	UNCO     Arabic Unicode text improperly rendered 
in fields - adding ",unicode" to the font property can cause the brace 
to be cut off. It changes the size of the characters without adding 
more room

3023 	   	All   	   	UNCO     Handling of right to left languages in 
Unicode is inadequate - As stated

674  	   	All   	     	NEW     Support for unicode or UTF8 path names - 
As stated

1955 	   	Mac 	    	NEW     RevPrintText/Field does not work with 
Unicodetext - As stated

2377 	   	Mac 	     	NEW     Allow unicode Transcript scripts. - 
Certain unicode chars cannot be entered into the script wd

2378 	   	Mac 	   	NEW     Cannot enable/disable Unicode menus/items 
via script - MenuMaker fails as well but cannot use enable/disable 
commands on unicode menus/items

2489 	   	Mac 	   	NEW     Unicode combining marks often fail - If 
there are only ASCII characters in front if the one to be modified, 
then the modification does not work.

2493 	   	Mac 	   	NEW     Unicode chars are sometimes taken from the 
wrong font
2497 	   	Mac 	   	NEW     Problem setting certain unicode htmlText
502  	   	Mac 	  	DUPL 	unicode does not know what an A is - All three 
of these are the same: specifying somefont,unicode does not always use 
somefont to render as unicode on OSX

2646 	   	Mac 	   	NEW     Unicode the files and the folders on Mac OSX 
- SpecialFolderPath("Desktop") call does not work on Mac

3143 	   	Mac 	   	NEW     "Preferences..." of MacOSX Unicode menubar - 
This only displays in English

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