stack on server very very slow

Phil Jimmieson P.Jimmieson at
Wed Oct 5 10:58:03 EDT 2005

>In several posts one can read, that a stack, when networked, can be 
>slow, due to the "save"
>I have a solution on a client computer and the stack is (now) on a server.
>Setup is OS X 10.4
>After porting this stack to the server machine, it behaves very slow 
>(more than 1000! times
>slower, than when this stack was on the client. There is no save command used.
>I assume that the whole stack is read in memory? There are less than 
>1000 cards in it
>(but they are procecessed a lot).
>Thanks for your hints! I should port this Tutorial-Game as server 
>solution soon.

Hi Andreas,
there is a bugzilla report for slow saving, but its marked as 
Resolved, because Tuviah could not verify the bug, although it still 
exists for me (and now possibly you too).

In our setup, the server is a Unix system using Samba (not a true 
Windows server). What sort of server are you using?

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