probable bug of fields

Claudi Cornaz claudi at
Tue Oct 4 07:14:26 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I found some strange behaviour in fields which I think is a bug.

Create a new field with the dontWrap and the hScrollbar both set to 
Now type in some text till the hScroll will have started to scroll.
Select most of the text and do menu "cut".
Wow the hScroll is still active.
Now you can even select the rest of the text and hit backspace.
The field will be empty by now, but you can still scroll horizontaly.
Ugly, but mainly cosmetic.

Now check on the formattedWidth of the field.
It will be more than the width of the field, but there is no text in 
the field, it's empty.
This one is nasty. It means the formattedWidth is not always correct
and can't be trusted. From the moment some text has been cut, the 
formattedWidth will be wrong
till newly typed in text will exceed the old formattedWidth. From then 
on it's correct again.

Can someone confirm this?
I use the latest build of 2.6 and OS 10.2.8


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