SupermanSlyr at SupermanSlyr at
Tue Oct 4 00:31:12 EDT 2005

Hey everyone, I would like to start by thanking all of you for your  time. 
All the information you have given me has helped make my adjustment  to 
Revolution a lot easier. So for that you all have my thanks. Revolution  seems to have 
a lot of possibilities as far as deciding what project to  undertake. Which 
brings me to a specific question I was wondering about. How do  you use better 
voices with your programs besides using  Microsoft's built in text to speech 
I've seen AT&T's, but I'm sure if I use anything like that, or  anything else 
for that matter; I'll have to pay a bundle for  licensing to use that engine 
wont I? Or is there  other options to take? Would it even be possible to use 
better  sounding voices with Revolution? I've seen a lot of really realistic 
test 2  speech online sites. Like that 
"Site pal" thing or something like that(?).
 I've even seen a lot of programs using the AT&T voices too. And  that site 
pal place charges a membership fee so you can use t on your site. But  I just 
want the user to understand what the computer says. At this point it  just kind 
of sounds like Choobaca from Star Wars....
Any help is always appreciated.   

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