showLines (or hGrid) line thickness

Phil Davis davis.phil at
Sun Oct 2 15:33:48 CDT 2005

Hi Scott -
If you're using hGrid lines, you could "set the borderColor of fld x" to 
a light gray and see what that looks like when printed. It should make 
the gridlines light enough that they won't overpower the text.

While not really solving the problem, it may minimize the symptom.

Phil Davis

Scott Morrow wrote:

> Greetings All,
> I'm trying to print a field with a line under the text. The showLines 
> (or even hGrid) property serve the on-screen purpose.  Unfortunately 
> these lines are too thick when printed.  Is there a way to control the 
> thickness of the showLines or hGrid line?  I can imagine several other 
> methods of printing a line under the text but just setting a built in 
> property seemed the simplest solution.
> -Scott Morrow
> Elementary Software
> (Now with 20% less chalk dust !)

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