Documented Cursor Bug...Please try.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 30 23:45:47 EST 2005

Chipp Walters wrote:
> Hi all,
> Jerry Daniels and I spent about an hour today trying to create a very 
> simple recipe to replicate the 'Cursor stuck on I-beam' phenomenon most 
> of us see regularly. I've built cursor libraries in the past to fix 
> this, but the latest Rev engine (Windows) goes bezerk with the hand 
> cursor sometimes and ends up writing garbage all over the screen. So, 
> I'm more determined to just get Rev to fix the engine.
> Here's the deal. I would very much appreciate it if many of you could 
> test out this simple recipe stack:
> type into the msg box (or cut and paste):
> go URL ""
> The instructions are plain, and you can get back to me on this list 
> whether or not your curson got 'stuck.' It's been tested on Windows XP 
> but not much on other platforms. It would be great if MC users could 
> test this too, so we can document it as an engine bug and not an IDE bug 
> (I believe this in an engine bug).

System:  OS X 10.4.3, PowerBook G4 1GHz, 768 MB RAM

Result:  The cursor stays an I-beam after the window goes away.  Once I 
move the mouse over any area which would affect a change, the expected 
change happens.  So here, the problem is a minor one of the cursor not 
updating when the field closes.

As for the "junk" cursor image, as you sure you're using v2.6.1?

 From the v2.6.1 changelog:

   Bug 885: Corrupted cursor issue
   In previous engine versions, setting the defaultCursor
   property to a non built-in image and then setting the
   cursor to a non built-in image would result in the
   default cursor becoming corrupted. This has been fixed.

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