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Wed Nov 30 18:10:09 EST 2005

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> > Hershel
> Thanks, just to mention a few things, 1) to have a reminder 
> beep and open the calendar at the time of an appointment 
> scheduled, 2) to search my emails every lets say 15 minutes or so.
> Hershel Fisch

Oh that kind of threading ;) 

Just use the "send" command:

Send "CheckMail" to stack "mailChecker" in 5 minutes 
-- actually, you have to use 5*60 seconds but I like optimistic pseudo code

Use a button to start the chain. 

To list the pending events (sends waiting to be sent) use the function:

put the pendingmessages

To cancel an event:

cancel (item 1 of line x of the pendingevents)

It's as good as threading gets in rev... ;)

Threading is usually lower-level paralellism. For example when you want to
send an event that takes minutes and other scripts can still run in the
meanwhile. So far, the only threading capable function in rev is getting a
url's data... What it does actually is more like a "wait <event> with
messages" (see <read from socket with message "receiveddata"> etc... for
other threading capable handlers ;)

Im sure others can explain it better - but that the essentials. You'll find
ample information on all those commands (send, wait, cancel,
pendingmessages) in the rev docs too (which don't suck at all imoho)...


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