Scope Problem on Standalones

David Burgun dburgun at
Tue Nov 29 13:25:14 EST 2005


More confusion! The version of RunRev I am using says 2.6.1 build 152 
in the About RunTime Revolution box, but the version of the 
application is Revolution in the finder Get Info box.

How to tell which one is right and hard to know why they are different.

Is this the correct version?

Thanks a lot

>Hi Dave,
>Two thoughts:
>1. The Ask/Answer dialogs must be included in the standalone if you 
>use them: you have 2 check boxes for that (Or use the bug reports 
>2. I don't know what version of Rev you use but there were real 
>truncation problems with 2.5.x that seem to have been almost solved 
>with 2.6.x.
>Le 29 nov. 05 à 16:18, David Burgun a écrit :
>>The prompt is a string (or any expression that evaluates to a 
>>string). The dialog box expands if necessary to fit the contents.
>>However, this does not seem to be what happens in real life! In 
>>reality the promt string is truncated (not sure at what size the 
>>truncation takes place).
>>So when I added the answer command to debug the Standalone, they 
>>would not work, even though the in the IDE the paths were displayed 
>>correctly. (Because the path strings were shorter in the IDE??? or 
>>becuase this bug only apprears in a Standalone? Anyone know?)
>>Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so how do they get around it?
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