Problem with the correct cursor showing up

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Tue Nov 29 07:25:15 EST 2005

I tried using   cursor ID 28 instead of "hand" but the problem persists.   
The "watch" cursor still shows up instead of "hand" in the standalone.   Has 
anyone else experienced this? I'm using Mac OS 10.3.9 and revolution 2.6.1.   
Temporarily I'm trying to work around the problem by hiliting the border of the 
object when the cursor is over it, rather than changing the cursor.   However, 
this would seem to be a problem that needs to be addressed. I'm open to any 
other suggestions.   Thanks.
Steve Goldberg

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> > Hope someone can help with the following problem.   I want to program a
> > button so that the cursor changes to "hand" on MouseEnter and changes back 
> to
> > "Arrow" on mouseLeave.   I inserted the following script (using Macintosh 
> OS X
> > Panther):
> >
> > on MouseEnter
> >   set the cursor to hand
> >   set the lockcursor to true
> > end MouseEnter
> >
> > on mouseLeave
> >   set the cursor to arrow
> > end mouseLeave
> >
> > While this works in the unbuilt program, once it is built the cursor show 
> up
> > as "Watch" rather than "Hand"   on both Macintosh and   Windows.   Anyone 
> have
> > a suggestion?   Thanks.
> RR has changed the cursor IDs a couple of times and I've lost track of
> what's what. In the most current version, the cursor ID for "hand" is
> 28. What happens if instead of using the constant "hand" you use the
> actual ID of 28? That is, "set the cursor to 28".
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