visualize fields?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Nov 28 17:20:13 EST 2005

>On 11/27/05 7:51 PM, "Timothy Miller" <gandalf at>
>>  In hyperCard, choosing the field tool caused all fields to be faintly
>>  outlined.
>>  As I recall, though I'm not certain, some key combination outlined
>>  even the invisible fields, and fields under other fields, when the
>>  field tool was chosen.
>>  Anyway, just outlining fields was very helpful for working with
>>  fields that have no border and sometimes have no contents.
>>  Is there a way to make Revolution do this, or something like it? If
>>  not, should there be?
>There isn't AFAIK, but it wouldn't be hard to make a little utility that did
>this whenever a key combination was pressed. Whether there *should* be is a
>matter of opinion... personally I don't think so (seems like a neat utility
>to me), but that's just me.
>Ken Ray
>Sons of Thunder Software

Hi Ken,

Excuse me while I drool on myself. Derrr....

After I sent this message, I had a BFO (blinding flash of the 
obvious). I hoped no one would notice the dumb question. Just 
dragging the edit tool over the area of the card in question will 
satisfy the need to see the locations of fields, most of the time. 
I'm not sure I'm allowed to be a newbie at my age, but I've got no 
other excuse ;-)

I guess a utility could record the properties of each field, then 
give each field a 1 pixel border, show the invisible ones and set 
opaque to false, then change them back again.  Really, just a button 
and a global would be enough. The original field properties could be 
stored as a custom property in the button.

It could be handy, in theory. In practice, it might not satisfy a huge need.

Thanks for your reply.


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