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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 28 10:32:15 EST 2005

David Burgun wrote:
>> Second that... I've been using Metacard and RunRev now for what...ten 
>> years? can't remember when I switched from Supercard... in that whole 
>> time  think I had 4 corrupt stacks. All the work of which (script 
>> wise) was easily recovered by simply opening the broken stack in 
>> BBEdit and copying out my scripts.
> Well I wish I knew what you were doing differently from me! I have been 
> using Rev for about 18 months have had at least 8 corruptions! However, 
> I started under MacOS 9 and to be honest I haven't seen many since I 
> switched to Mac OS X, In fact just 2 I think.

That's quite some run of unusually bad luck:  that number of corruptions 
exceeds the total number of verified corruptions throughout all other 
users over the last eight years.

Does the engine report them as corrupted or are they merely behaving in 
unexpected ways?

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