Scope Problem on Standalones

Ken Ray kray at
Mon Nov 28 09:02:01 EST 2005

On 11/28/05 6:51 AM, "David Burgun" <dburgun at> wrote:

> The path I get returned from "filename of this stack", in the
> openStack (or preOpenStack) script of Card 1 of  StackA.rev is:
> path/MacOSX/  <-- bundle
> Bu according to the documentation, the path returned should be the
> path to the real application, e.g.
> MacOSX/
> Or perhaps:
> MacOSX/ (real applicaiton)
> Have I got this wrong? I would be really grateful if someone could
> just let me know if:
> a) The documentation is correct.
> b) If no, how I acheive this!
> c) if yes, why doesn't it work!

Well, I get (for my app ""):


This is latest Rev, under Tiger.

My guess would be that you could test to see if the filename contains ".app"
and then adjust your paths accordingly.

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