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Without telling me how much each segment earns, it can only be 
misleading to tell me what fraction of the taxes they pay. What is 
the source of your information? Does it include the necessary detail 
of incomes? I'm guessing it doesn't.

At 10:46 PM -0600 26/11/05, use-revolution-request at wrote:
>  > At the moment, in your country and mine, the very wealthy pay very 
>>  little tax.
>The top 1% earners in the US pay 34% of the taxes.
>The top 5% earners in the US pay 54% of the taxes.
>The top 50% earners in the US pay 97% of the taxes.
>If a wealthy person here is not paying much tax, it means they are 
>likely going to not be wealthy much longer.

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