Constant 'Nonsense' about RR documentation

jbv jbv.silences at
Sun Nov 27 15:17:14 CST 2005

Dennis Brown a *crit :

> Transcript is different enough from other popular languages,

in what is it different (beside the fact that it's much closer to
natural english than any other language) ? just asking...

> uses
> different terms and metaphors,

same question as above... again, just asking...

> and is so rich and complex in its
> capabilities that it takes understanding beyond the deceptively
> simple surface to get an idea of what one can really accomplish with
> it.

IMHO this could be said also about C or PHP or...

so what makes Transcript so specific (beside the fact that it's used
only by happy few) ?

JB (who fell in love with xTalk circa 1987)


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