Constant 'Nonsense' about RR documentation

Mathewson richmond at
Sun Nov 27 06:33:47 CST 2005

I learnt Hypercard without a book,
and I extended my knowledge, as RR extended xTalk, in the
same way:

by doing!

Ludwig Wittgenstein said that too many people Philosophise
and not enough DO PHILOSOPHY.

Now if we all DID Runtime Revolution:

i.e. got in there, got our feet wet, realised that (despite
a few itches) it really is just about the best
cross-platform RAD out there, and used the built-in
documentation as well as we are able to . . .

We would probably shut-up about the 'awful this and the
awful that'.

Although I am a mere 43 (I have a feeling Dan Shafer is
older) I started computer programming with FORTRAN 4 in
1975 - then BASIC, then PASCAL, ZILOG . . . those who moan
(I don't mean the odd 'twitch') and continue to moan about
RR's documentation and "lack-of-ease-of-use" ought to try
programming with one of those horrible Hollerith card

a stack of cards,

a Fortran Manual (remember all that stuff about

and the 2-3 week wait while your cards sat in a queue at
one of the few Universities that offered a public service.

"Spoilt, spoilt, spoilt . . "  says Richmond stumping off
puffing his pipe!
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