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Dan Shafer revdan at
Sun Nov 27 01:46:47 EST 2005

Good question, Mark.

I'm not sure RunRev is falling down with respect to either market at  
this point because neither market has yet reched the point where its  
demands pose a problem.

If you run through Bugzilla and this list I think you'd find that the  
vast majority of current users are inventive users (glad you like  
that phrase; I invented it back in the HyperCard heyday) and that  
among newcomers to Rev out of that audience there's generally a  
significant amount of initial confusion and consternation that only  
dissipates with some extensive exposure to the product. Until  
recently, I suspect most new Rev users were HyperRefugees, but I have  
a sense that in the recent past -- say the last six months or so --  
that has started to shift and more Inventive Users who are  
discovering Rev without an HC background are coming into the mix. As  
that happens, there will be even greater pressure on RunRev to find  
new ways of introducing these people to the concepts and uses of Rev.

I have always felt that RunRev ought to focus pretty exclusively on  
the Inventive User market and I've not only expounded that idea here,  
I've laid it out in some detail. I do not claim that I think this is  
a present issue, but I have a sense that it is going to become one as  
the market expands.

On Nov 26, 2005, at 1:03 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> Dan, this is an innocent question, not intended to provoke or  
> contradict, but where do you think Rev is currently falling down  
> with regard to either pro developers or inventive users?

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