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Dan Shafer revdan at
Sat Nov 26 15:01:01 EST 2005

I honestly do not believe that a single small company -- and RunRev  
is small -- can do a great job of serving both the professional  
programming market and the hobbyist/Inventive User market. The needs,  
expectations, demands, support requirements, feature sets,  
documentation needs, training level and a host of other factors are  
just too vastly different between them.

I've been racking my brain the last 48 hours and I cannot come up  
with a single development tool company that has succeeded at doing  
this since Borland's very early days. I'd be delighted if someone  
could point me to a real exception to that rule, but absent that, I  
maintain my position. RunRev needs to decide whether it's going to  
try to get professional coders to switch to Rev or adopt it as a RAD  
or alternative tool, or go after the untapped market potential of the  
Inventive User. Until it makes that decision and then permeates the  
company and its policies with it, it will have difficulty being as  
successful as it can.

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