The Old Chestnut - Again

Mathewson richmond at
Sat Nov 26 09:13:41 EST 2005

So, at least part of my Beef about the end of the 'FREE'
10-lines-of-code may be partly justified . . . see Frank
R's points/moans.

I also understand the arguments put forward by Richard
Gaskin and Co.

I also know that working with the old RR 2 'Free' version
can get extremely frustrating - and the only way out of
this (short of giving up) is to acquire a liceense.

Might it not be an idea to break RR up into modules:

not as daft as it seems -

1. A really extremely basic version of RR for FREE . . .

2. Add on modules at various prices based on how valuable
their perceived capabilities are.

The BASIC FREE version could be crippled to the old 10-line

The first module could be one that removes that limitation,

Other modules would allow PRINTING, SOUND, NETWORKING,

For instance, in my own case - I need SOUND and PRINTING
for the tyoe of work I concentrate on; but I am a modest
sort of chap making modest sums. But the "Princes of the
Church" and Co. would pay more for more advanced
capabilities that their work required.

sincerely, Richmond

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