Pricing / entry cost for this tool

Frank R frny4x at
Fri Nov 25 16:07:42 EST 2005

Before I start my complaint about pricing, let me at least say that I applaud the company for having a $99 price point for Dreamcard.  It at least opens the doors for more people to explore this intriguing tool.
  On the other hand, the pricing needs to go even further.  In my 20 years in the world of software, I can't tell you how many companies I have observed shoot themselves in the foot by having a great product but pricing it out of reach for the masses.  The pricing that has Built companies has been - price it low to draw people in, get the revenue later with advanced features and with deployment licensing costs.  
  Turbo Pascal was sold in huge quantities because it was a $49 product that many could afford.  The same was true with the Initial pricing of many MS products.
  This company should offer DreamCard free - but, for free, Without the ability to deploy an app.  The apps could only be run inside the IDE.  This would give more people more than 30 days to race through the product, and it would defer collecting revenue until someone actually baked something of Value - that could be sold.  At that point, the programmer has an easy time paying the bucks for a development license.
  I'm going to finish evaluating this, and I'm going to start my project, but I won't be done in 30 days, and my journey will probably end there.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I can't afford to lay out for tools anymore until I Know I'm going to get across the finish line with something of value to sell.
  This product needs to shoot for Volume.  That means - further aggressive pricing.
  My four cents.

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